Chapter 4, Part II

Continuing Chapter 4, Modeling

Part II, Tools and Box Modeling

Using your mad skills from the previous section, you should be able to follow this.

So we’re moving on to less primitive modeling techniques. The first section involved using the Spin tool (Alt-R) to complete a vase based on a profile of edges. It was simple enough, and I went exploring. You see, the book teaches you to add thickness to this kind of shape, but I’d heard of a Solidify modifier that was supposed to automatically achieve the same results. Well, more or less, of course. Check out my experiment:

Solidify modifier on the left, hand-made thickness on the right

Obviously there is a trade-off: the hand-made version has more detail (the lip, the more abrupt shape of the inside), which I added as I pleased with some amount of work involved; the automagic version just took a pair of clicks to put together but doesn’t put you in total control over the inside shape (in this case) of the model. As usual, you’ll have to figure it out. If your vase isn’t a main piece in your scene, the Solidify modifier does a great job at making a model more realistic with just a few clicks. If it is, you might want to add the thickness by yourself.

Then we moved on to Box Modeling, using the Subdivision Surface modifier from the beginning and adding Loop Cuts (Ctrl-R) to a box, together with a few new tricks, to model a chair.


Attention to the errata at the book’s Web Bucket! The E key is for Extruding, it’s Ctrl-E to bring up the Edge Specials menu, and also the Bridge Faces command is not available (not at the moment at least).

Tomorrow is time for a table to be modeled using Modifiers. Stay tuned!


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