Chapter 7, Episode II

Chapter 7, Surfacing

Episode II, Extremely Basic UV Mapping

The result is nice. It looks like carpet.

After having worked with procedural textures and generated mapping, it was time to try image textures and UV mapping. It was the simplest of UV mappings though, merely mapping a plane, using the Project From View method. Some more tips were given in adding believability to the image, for example dissimulating the patterning and adding an extra texture layer for simulating wear and tear. As a result, we added a carpet to the floor:

Yeah, it looks patchy. In the shaded area it does look much better though. Not sure what that's all about.

So that’s the quick post of today. Stay tuned for Episode III, coz that table needs a treatment!


This post is part of a series on the book Blender Foundations.
You can find the base post of the series here.

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