Chapter 7, Episode III

Chapter 7, Surfacing

Episode III, Fast Unwrapping, Plus Reflections and Transparency

We’re going to hold off on the true guts of UV unwrapping just one more time, and teach a shortcut first (Wow! How often does that happen? Certainly not in math class.)

This was another quick and easy session before we dive into hard-core UV unwrapping. The aim was to present a shortcut that, while not perfect, can achieve great unwraps in just a couple of clicks for those ambient pieces you have in your scene. This big time saver is Smart Project, also accessible via the Unwrap menu (pressing the U key). Select your object, Tab into edit mode, select all vertices, press U, select Smart Project, let it think for a while if it’s a complex model, and once it’s done tab out of edit mode, set the texture coordinates to UV mapping and you’re good to go. We used this method to unwrap the table, which would be fairly complex to unwrap by hand, and is just a secondary prop in our future scene. What, you thought I’d created the kid for nothing?

Aside from this we also learned about reflections, ray-traced or not, and then transparency for our vase. Still on the vase we learned a cool pro-tip for saving render time – fake reflection maps! Short but informative, these sections.

Everything that isn’t surfaced is really standing out now. That’s a great sign me thinks!

Is it just me, or is it actually a bit creepy that things are looking so real?

We are fast approaching the part where I stopped the first time around. In fact half of the next Episode, finally exploring “the true guts of UV unwrapping”, will already be entirely new to me, so expect more verbosity here from now on :) Until then, buh-bye!


This post is part of a series on the book Blender Foundations.
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