BlenderCookie’s Vehicle Modeling Series

First of all, let me just report that the feed for this blog has been added to Planet Blender! Hopefully I’ll be able to reach out to more newbies like me with its help. If by the way you just got here for the first time through the Planet, hey ya and welcome! This is where I’m documenting my learning process with Blender, feel free to hang out and share experiences :)

Now, as you (newcomers and oldtimers) can see we’ve been covering a lot of ground following the Blender Foundations book, and quickly doing so! But clue is in the title – this is a foundational body of knowledge. We have to get out there and suck more info from wherever in order to learn more than just the basics.

After chapter 6 of the book, we were practically done with learning to model as far as the book is concerned. Here I started to realize two things: first, that it helps a lot to keep practicing on the side, trying to model objects from your environment using the tools you’ve learned, to keep them fresh and gain experience; second, that that toolset is not enough when you want to add intricacies to your designs, or it may very well be enough but I just have no idea how to come up with those details.

So I decided to invest in what seems to be an awesome and extended modeling tutorial, BlenderCookie’s Vehicle Modeling Series!

That level of detail is just the kind of thing I want to learn to do, and I’m confident this will be the definitive modeling course for me, at least until I decide to tackle more organic shapes. Obviously, you can count on an extensive review by yours truly :)

The series is currently in pre-order and you save 50% if you get it now, but the latest news is that the release is imminent, so hurry up! (Wow, listen to me. They should be paying me for this kind of publicity! (and no, of course they’re not :P))

Speaking of investments in learning Blender, this is just one in the series I intend to make. I’m currently looking at books about lighting and texturing, and taking advantage of the fact that my girlfriend is currently in the US I asked her for a (much cheaper than we can get here in Europe) copy of a book on 3D short films! None of these are Blender-specific, which is good: I want to learn the art, and then worry about the tools. But don’t worry, contrary to what this shopping spree may indicate I don’t have the X000$ to get Maya or 3ds, so you can totally expect me to apply everything I learn to Blender :)


Here are direct links to the posts on the series:


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