Chapter 7, Episode VI

Chapter 7, Surfacing

Episode VI, Camera Projection (and Finishing Up)

And we’re done! Quick and easy again, and a surprisingly cool effect – that background you’ll see in the picture isn’t just a background picture; oh no, no sir, if I move the camera (which I’ll make sure I do when I animate this) the image will adjust accordingly as if it were 3d itself, because, well, it is. Sort of. Basically we projected a 2d image of a landscape onto 3d objects that closely followed that same landscape. So when I move the camera, as long as I don’t move it too much, the whole thing will look coherent. It’s called a Live Matte, and you’ve seen it done in TV lotsa times.

After that it was up to me to finish the scene. Surfacing the chairs, the shoes, the hands and the room trim. And voilà:

Ta-daaaa! Click the image for high-res version in all its glory

(see the dirt on the walls I was talking about on the last post, by the way?)

This was a long chapter, and now once we’re done with the next, on Sculpting, we’ll finally start tackling Rigging, Shape Keys and then actual Animation. Exciting times ahead!


This post is part of a series on the book Blender Foundations.
You can find the base post of the series here.

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