Chapter 8, Sculpting

When you’ve reached level 6 on the example model, set the Preview control down to 0. This takes the pressure off of nonsculpting modes and prevents you from doing something silly like entering Edit mode on a 2.6 million polygon model. Blender might be able to handle it, but you’re going to wait a while to even find out.

Considering that next Thursday is the release date for the Vehicle Modeling Series I mentioned a while ago, I decided to focus on the book until then leaving (modeling intensive) projects to the side. It obviously makes sense: I’ll be more qualified to tackle those projects, and it’s not like I don’t have enough to entertain myself meanwhile, especially considering I’ll finally be tackling animation. Too obvious, yes, but I have to keep saying this to my indisciplined self :)

Soooo on with the book I got, quickly tackling the introduction to Sculpting in chapter 8. One word of praise before anything (or rather yet another word of praise): many months and many many revisions later, the sculpting tools have changed quite a lot, BUT the book’s instructions are still incredibly accurate. Only one key binding seems to have changed: the key to reverse the effect of a sculpting tool seems to have changed from Shift to Ctrl (I say “seems” because I’m using a pre-stable build, so this might not even be final). The rest is all good to follow along. Fantastic job making the book as up-to-date with the future as possible.

Again, lots of fun in this one. It went over the available tools (which are now accompanied by a bunch of new tools), gave some tips on best practices, showed how to add details like wrinkles and bumps to our characters face and finally taught how to generate a normal map from the highly detailed mesh. Of course, before I managed to focus on these, I had to play around:

The Dark Side of Blender is a pathway to many abilities, some considered to be unnatural...

I’ve made a note to think of some side-project to practice sculpting. Meanwhile it’s time to move on to something I’ve really been looking forward to: Rigging!


This post is part of a series on the book Blender Foundations.
You can find the base post of the series here.

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2 responses to “Chapter 8, Sculpting

  1. moonwolf12 April 6, 2011 at 1:10 am

    Rigging is hard work!

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