BlenderArtists Weekend Challenges, and the Art of Interpretation

Long time no post! It’s time to get Blender-productive again, and there’s nothing better to get started than some inspiration. But before I tell you about the amazing Blender artist I discovered, I’ll tell you how I discovered him in the first place.

Over at there are weekly weekend challenges, in which you are presented with a one-liner (sometimes even one-worder) theme. You interpret that theme your own free way and using Blender from late Friday to late Monday you come across with an image to enter the challenge, which then goes to vote during the following week. The prize? Picking the theme for the next challenge! This is a great exercise in creativity and working on a schedule, while obviously keeping your tools sharp. Seeing other people’s interpretations of the theme is a mind-broadening experience too. I’ve participated twice so far (and actually won once! Ha!), and really should start finding time in weekends to participate more regularly:

My first entry, Challenge #420 - Edge of the World. Everybody was doing apocalyptic images, I thought of this and the winner came up with a brilliant fish in a fishbowl!

My winning entry for challenge #421 - Danger Seeker. I then made "Overcoming Gravity" the theme for the following week, which had some great entries, go check them out!

Now, someone who posts regularly at these challenges, although non-competitively, is Robert Tiess (RobertT in the forum). And his stuff is just incredible, even more if you consider the fact that he’s just working on them over the weekend. Go check out his website,, and be amazed.

Now back to work!


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