So now what?

The best way to avoid the accomplishment void (that “ok, now what?” feeling you get once you complete a long-lasting task or journey or thing) is to find something right away to keep you busy. And there’s plenty for me!

Blender Foundations gave me a hint of all the different specialties, so by now I really should have an idea of what I like more. Or should I? The truth is I haven’t formed a clear preference yet. I guess it will only show when I dig deeper into each subject, and that’s what I’m on to. So get this:

I try to only have two and a half projects going at the same time, to help me focus. One of them you already know: Blendercookie‘s Vehicle Modeling Series (they bring me so much traffic I might as well link back to them!). Will be posting a report on Part III soon (you can find Parts I and II here and here, respectively). Digging very deep into modeling!

The other that has now been promoted is the exercise part of Digital Texturing and Painting. I’ve only mentioned it in passing so far, but this book is pretty awesome. I’ll probably elaborate a bit more on it soon, but the author has really managed to make me start seeing the world differently in terms of materials and textures. Now it’s time to reproduce the world, and the book comes with a CD full of project files to follow the exercises described in the second part. I’m pretty sure these are Photoshop- and 3ds-centric (the rest of the book was software-agnostic, which is great), but I’ll try to adapt it to Gimp and Blender and let you know how it goes. The first hurdle is converting the .max model to some other format that Blender can use, hopefully someone may be able to help with that!

“Two and a half projects? What’s half a project?” Well that’s just my way of saying that those two projects take most of my time, but I allow myself to work on other things (that may later be promoted) as a distraction. Between modeling side-projects (like a watch and a car (oh and a motorbike too!)) and some maturing ideas for bigger projects, there’s no free time unless I want it :)

So stay tuned, more good stuff to follow!


4 responses to “So now what?

  1. Todd McIntosh May 19, 2011 at 4:42 pm

    Hey thanks for mentioning the Digital Texturing book, had not seen it before. Just ordered it on Amazon as a result. Cheers!

  2. Reynante Martinez May 24, 2011 at 6:36 am

    Good luck, pal. And keep it up. *thumbs up*


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