Vehicle Modeling Series, Part IV

BlenderCookie’s Vehicle Modeling Series

Part IV, Detailing the Mid-Section

More modeling practice! Really getting second-nature now. As expected there was a lot of detailing going on, as we moved on to the central paneling and the engine.

That's where most of the work went. Keep scrolling for a few close-ups.

Again all the techniques we previously learned were reinforced and we learned a few more tricks. It introduced using curves to model the tubing and proceeded to help master it by throwing in lots of tubing to model. The usual: practice practice practice! It also emphasized the utility of mixing edge-loops and creasing, and taught how to use balance that mix in different ways for different situations.

The copter is really coming together. Next up will be the wings, but I need a pause from all this modeling. So I’ll be doing what I said I’d be doing a couple of posts back: dedicating a chunk of my time to learn texturing. Hopefully that will let me post more often too!

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with some close-ups ;)

Click for hi-res


This post is part of a series on BlenderCookie’s Vehicle Modeling Series.
You can find the base post of the series here.

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