Tutorial – Rigging the Gyrocopter, Part I


Rigging the Gyrocopter, Part I

That’s right! After soaking in a lot of knowledge by watching various tutorials out there, it’s finally time for me to try to give something back.

For me, and more than any other discipline within 3D graphics, Rigging seems to be one of those click subjects – you don’t get it no matter how hard you try, and then suddenly something clicks and aha, you get it. And to be honest I’m not sure it has clicked for me yet… In fact before I started trying to rig the gyrocopter I went back and re-read the rigging chapter on Blender Foundations, and in the end I thought “ok, I get it”. Then coincidently BlenderCookie produced a tutorial on rigging pistons and I thought “perfect, that’s it!”, and watched it and it all made sense. But when I finally sat down looking at the landing gear on the gyrocopter, I couldn’t help but feel it was still over my head. It hadn’t clicked.

But still I had a go, and just like Edison I learned quite a number of ways in which it didn’t work… until I found one that did! The whole process made me understand the subject quite a bit better, and in the end I felt like sharing some of the knowledge I’d acquired. So without further ado, enjoy my first tutorial!

Updates: I dropped by at the #blendercoders IRC channel today (wow, it had been a looooong time since I’d last been in IRC) and Aligorith shed some light over the Envelopes bug I thought I’d come across in the video – it turns out I had to also disable Envelope Deformations in the Armature modifier on the mesh. Concerning the other bug with the empty jumping around, I couldn’t reproduce it on a simple scene…

Hopefully part II will be shorter and allow me to post a better quality video. I think something went wrong with the encoding, since the raw footage in 1080p was actually smaller in disk size than the edited (cut, shorter) in 720p, which in turn was too big to upload to vimeo… so I had to re-encode in lower quality.

Anyway I hope you’ve learned something useful with this, and again please do drop your tips in the comments!


You can find Part II of the tutorial here.


One response to “Tutorial – Rigging the Gyrocopter, Part I

  1. 0xfded March 17, 2012 at 3:56 am

    Thanks so much the post. I attempted this, but being somewhat new to Blender, got nowhere fast. Can’t tell you how much time and frustration you saved me. Learned quite a bit along the way as well. Great work. Thanks again…

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