Keeping my Hard-Surface Modeling Sharp

I know you guys love the texturing posts but lately I’ve been too excited about a personal project, and now that it’s actually taking good shape I wanted to share it with you. Some time ago I started modeling a car but had to take a pause since I didn’t really feel qualified enough to tackle it. After the whole Gyrocopter series this changed and I didn’t want to let the learned skills wither, so I picked the project up again.

I’m modeling my Dad’s old car, a 1973 Toyota Corolla. Not sure how that looks? Here are a few images of the real thing. And here is how it is looking so far:

Click for hi-res

You can get more images and info right from the inception of this project in my WIP thread on There’s still quite a bit of detail modeling to do before I get to surface this baby (those materials are just for separation) and then put it into a scene, and although I’m really looking forward to those stages I’m just loving the modeling process. In fact I’m treating this project as a way to put together and sort of “graduate” from all the recent training on hard-surface modeling, texturing and rendering and compositing.

So remember what I said about having 2.5 projects in hand all the time? Right now the Texturing series is one, this is another and the .5 is me missing animation more and more. Don’t expect me to stop posting anytime soon ;)


2 responses to “Keeping my Hard-Surface Modeling Sharp

  1. Smartdog August 5, 2011 at 7:40 pm

    your inspiring me to continue to push my skills……Car look really nice (feels like the car in the reference pics!).
    Keep and truckin’ and happy blendering

    we all learn by sharing what we know

  2. Fax August 6, 2011 at 5:51 pm

    Thank you, I’m really glad to know that these are motivating! :)

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