Tyrant Monkey’s Modeling Jam – Iconic Movie/TV Car


After the success of the Corolla (check it out on the cover of BlenderArt Magazine #37!), it turns out I will pick up another car project sooner than I expected.

Over at BlenderArtists.org Tyrant Monkey is organizing a workshop for anyone who wants to join. He’s calling it Modeling Jam 01, as he plans to do others, and this one is focused on iconic cars from movies or television series. What attracted me was the fact that he wants to focus on texturing – like myself he is tired of seeing renders of cars in pristine condition (one could say I decided to put my Corolla right outside the factory as an excuse not to texture it completely, but I’ll always deny it :) ) and wants to see wear and tear. Remember me saying I wanted to improve my texturing skills? So this is perfect.

I’ll be doing MacGyver’s Jeep Wrangler ;) which should give plenty of opportunity for grime. Also it shouldn’t be as hard to model given its mostly blocky structure (it does have lots of details but I noticed the most time-consuming task when modeling a more curvy car is by far in all the vertex pulling and pushing to make sure its surface is smooth in all its curvyness), which will allow me to maximize the time I devote to the texturing process. I’ve also decided to use Cycles for the final render (instead of staying in my comfort zone with Luxrender). It’s about time I learn it and having other people going through the same process is a great opportunity for doing so.

Oh and I’ve also decided that unless something goes wrong I’ll document the whole modeling stage in timelapse videos. For a change :) So here’s the first one, just shaking off some rust and doing the blocking out of basic shapes. No attention to details whatsoever and keeping a very low polygon density. Topology is already on my mind but in this phase I’m not too worried about making mistakes (I’m pretty sure I’ve already made a couple). Put on some music, I won’t impose my preferences ;)


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