MacGyver’s Jeep – Modeling Done

So remember me talking about the new project I had, modeling and texturing Mac’s Jeep Wrangler? Here’s what I had to say when I just started:

(…) it shouldn’t be as hard to model given its mostly blocky structure (it does have lots of details but I noticed the most time-consuming task when modeling a more curvy car is by far in all the vertex pulling and pushing to make sure its surface is smooth in all its curvyness)

Oh well allow me to retortOh well allow me to retort!

Sure, the body was ready pretty quickly. But then ALL THE DETAILS took some time. It even got to the point where I had a list of things left to do (learned a lot of car part names because of that – every cloud..!), and it seemed that for every two parts I crossed out I would notice another part I had to add. Well it’s partly my fault, I didn’t want to cheat. Initially I thought I’d model everything to medium-low detail, then decide on how the final render would look like and then focus the detailing on the parts that would actually show. But then that felt lazy. Not modeling the interior of a topless jeep? And by that train of thought, not texturing the back later on? So the decision has been to model everything to higher detail, and texture everything. That’s the goal.

And the modeling part is done! Here’s a quick turntable

… although it was everything but quick to render… can’t wait for Blender 2.64 to come out with multithreaded BVH building, I had to remove the tire treads from the turntable model to have it rendered today :S

The 4 hour long playlist with the timelapse videos will be there for you on those rainy sunday nights :p


13 responses to “MacGyver’s Jeep – Modeling Done

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